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Windows Applications
Title Description Release
Oxygen A Reversi-type game, with a very challenging and customizable AI.
Oxygen Homepage | Download Now
Version 1.0
Released 4/7/1999
Words Dictionary search with wildcards and a word unscrambler.
Words Homepage | Download Now
Version 2.0
Released 9/27/2001
AOMRecordedRenamer Rename Age of Mythology : Titans RCX recorded game files.
AOMRecordedRenamer Homepage | Download Now
Version 1.3
Released 11/22/2004
PieDir Show a pie graph for directory sizes.
PieDir Homepage | Download Now
Version 2.0
Released 6/14/2000

Older Software
MathSpline A 3D Studio Max R3 plugin that is capable of drawing splines based on math equations.
MathSpline Homepage | Download Now
Version 1.0
Released 5/16/2000
VStars A simple stars-like screen saver.
VStars Homepage | Download Now
Version 1.0
Released 1/13/1998
MOTD A Message of the Day server and client.
MOTD Homepage | Download Now
Version 1.0
Released 3/24/2000
jAlive A Java utility to checks to see if Internet sites are online.
jAlive Homepage | Download Now
Version 1.0
Released 3/22/2000
BootMove A Windows NT move-file-on-boot utility.
BootMove Homepage | Download Now
Version 1.0
Released 7/18/1998
Partition Toys Raw partition editing.
Partition Toys Homepage | Download Now
Version 1.0
Released 2/26/1997
D The colored DOS directory listing guy.
D Homepage | Download Now
Version 6.0Beta
Released 6/9/1997