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Magnetic Pole Reversal.
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Magnetic Pole Reversal

Your website is severely lacking in getting the word to people. As the domain holder, I believe it is your responsibility to prepare people for the upcoming tragedies.

The tragedy of magnetic pole reversal is a hidden controversy in modern society.

The Earth's magnetic poles have been reversing themselves for billions of years according to magnetic signatures found in the rock of the ocean floor. This reversal occurs approximately every 100,000 to 300,000 years, but one has not happened in about 250,000 years (though different sources claim many different numbers).

The effects of a magnetic pole reversal are varied and argued. We do know that many things rely on the magnetics of the Earth to navigate. The compass market as we know it would be rendered obsolete. Creatures such as birds and crabs that use the magnetics of the Earth to navigate will lose their sense of direction. The process of a reversal does not seem to occur quickly though. There is a period of time when the Earth does not carry a magnetic signature. Most creatures would have ample time to adjust to the change, but the lack of magnetics has other side effects. The sun's cosmic rays are deflected away from the Earth by its magnetics. A loss of this, and we are hit by an increased amount of radiation. The effects of this radiation are unknown, but some type of change appears imminent.

My current advice is to not cash in your insurance policy. The poles may flip, but it will take some time. I look forward to the coming excitement.

A short collection of information about the reversal of the poles.
Found by Xamolxis on 2/16/2005

The New York Times reports on the weakening of the Earth's magnetic field.
Found by Darrell Bellert on 7/13/2004

New Scientist reports that solar winds will protect the Earth during a magnetic pole reversal.
Found by Darrell Bellert on 5/17/2004

The astronomy picture of the day reveals a brighter aurora due to the possible weakening of the Earth's magnetic field.
Found by Darrell Bellert on 12/17/2003

Nice site on magnetic pole reversal with some great information and pictures. Animations of how the expected pole reversal would progress are included. Also included is information on theories of what would happen to animals that use the magnetic poles for navigation. I'll have to catch the PBS TV show on it and see what they say.
Found by Dave Geier on 11/18/2003

Some of the recent solar flares have had a temporary, but noticable impact on the earth's magnetic field. According to the article, the magnetic pole moved by 5.1 degrees in about 25 minutes (0630GMT, Oct 30, 2003). Perhaps a larger solar flare would trigger a magnetic pole reversal?
Found by Pete Vasiliauskas on 10/31/2003

The BBC covers some magnetic pole information, with some reference to "The Core" movie. "Absolute nonsense" one critic said of the movie. The science listed about the pole is pretty basic, but does focus on a team's research tracking where the pole is located which was interesting.
Found by Darrell Bellert on 4/2/2003

The Astronomy Picture of the Day has a fabulous rendering of the Earth's magnetic field lines. Neat to look at, with some good information.
Found by Darrell Bellert on 3/6/2003

The Observer claims that the sun's radiation will be coming through the Earth's magnetic field as soon as the next 1,000 years to toast us all.
Found by Darrell Bellert on 3/6/2003

Official website of the movie "The Core". Why couldn't they name this movie "Magnetic Pole"? It would have given me a lot more traffic than I currently get. Or maybe they would have even offerered to purchase the domain and I could have made a few quick bucks. Wishful thinking... At least there will be a few more people doing searches on magnetic poles and end up here. Looks like it hits the theatres March 26, 2003.
Found by Pete Vasiliauskas on 3/5/2003

Initial IMDB reference of the "Core" movie. Doesn't look like Sandra Bullock is in it though. Such a shame, her being our sponsor and all.
Found by Pete Vasiliauskas on 3/5/2003

A good collection of information about magnetic pole reversal by many different authors. Not all of them predict doom.
Found by Pete Vasiliauskas on 3/5/2003

According to, magnetic pole reversal ranks #6 in their top 20 list of ways the world could end.
Found by Pete Vasiliauskas on 3/5/2003

This link contains some general information about magnetic poles with some information about magnetic pole reversal.
Found by Pete Vasiliauskas on 3/5/2003

Comments from the old Magnetic Pole Reversal Pages

My lobster was very confused last night. Normally LobLob has no problems making it to the bathroom to do his business, but instead I found a little trail of lobster drippings to the kitchen. I found LobLob just sitting on the middle of the floor, staring up at me with a confused expression on his face. Things are not quite right, it seems.

--PolePole 2003-04-15 13:04:30 (#1)
--unknown 2003-09-06 17:52:18 (#2)

I woke up suddenly last night to find LobLob floating through the room and turning lighter shades of transparent. I quickly retrieved my butterfly net and caught LobLob before he drifted out the open window. I duct taped his left claw to the kitchen floor and went back to bed. The next morning, he was crawling around the kitchen floor as he normally does waiting for breakfast. The poles are presenting signs to us. We would be prudent to heed this warning. The shift is upon us. Repent!

--PolePole 2003-09-16 17:39:49 (#3)
I think Pole pole is crazy
--Reversal 2004-05-11 12:52:33 (#6)

A geologist friend of mine tells me that the recent power outages in US, London, Denmark, Sweeden and now Italy are all indications of the beginning of a reversal. Add to this the 8.2 quake in Japan and the 7.5 in Russia a few days ago and it all becomes clearer. Increased volcanic ativity should also accompany this (yellowstone?) but there would be flux (like we are seeing now) before a full flip and this could take a 100 years or a few months but he is no doubt that we are in one NOW!!

--Reggie 2003-09-29 06:39:32 (#4)

LobLob himself is experiencing more eruptions. Poor guy just can't sem to control himself. I had to order 3 different newspaper subscriptions just to keep up with him. . .

--PolePole 2003-10-12 13:23:11 (#5)

Yellowstone is a "hot-spot" generated by a mantle plume, and thus is not affected by plate tectonics in the way that most quakes and volcanoes are at subsuction zones of plate collision.

--Griz 2005-02-25 04:21:45 (#29)

LobLob is dead he was flying throuh the window, I tried to run after him but I couldn't catch him. The World is ending! HELP ME!!!

--PolePole 2004-05-11 12:56:07 (#7)
pole pole you have the intelect of a child and should not be commenting on pole reversal, you and your damn lobster should be on some self help clinic site your crab wouldnt be floating around i think you were high
--n0t_retarded 2005-06-13 15:03:28 (#37)

LobLob was calling to me in my dreams last night. It would appear he is not dead, but rather simply shifted dimensions for a few days. Lobsters sometimes do that, and LobLob is particularly bad. He rarely even leaves me notes when he pulls these little dimension shift stunts of his. Regardless, he told me over dinner that during his dimension shift, he was warned by his "guardians" of "a time of great turmoil." Friends, please, prepare yourselves for the upcoming pole reversal. The hour draws near. Are you ready?

--PolePole 2004-05-18 18:10:37 (#8)
You should have boiled LobLob and served him up with some melted butter and just a dash of salt to celebrate the reversal. That is how he would have wanted it. All bright and red, back split open, sitting next to a nice steamed pile of green beens with sliced almonds and some cheddar bay biscuits. Yummy
--Smart Smart 2004-07-14 11:47:23 (#9)
No no.
--PolePole 2004-07-26 17:30:23 (#11)

This is going to be a fun ride. Remember the seen in the movie Armageddon where that nutty guy doesn't want to save the Earth, all he wants his front row seat on the asteroid to watch the end of the world. That's me! This has been a long time coming and our generation might be the first to experience the Earth shaking and cleansing itself of our contaminating destructive presence. First we will get to see the confusion of thousands and thousands of migrating birds showing up in crazy parts of the world. All animals that use instinctive magnetic migration will be lost. Then we will get extreme tectonic slides that will make you're worst nightmares come true. Earthquakes will hit the South Pacific regions of Japan, Korea and most of the Asian Shorelines. Local quakes will include Wyoming; parts of Washington, Seattle and California will all get their long awaited quakes. That in turn with widespread fires and the loss of natural damming features such as fallen timber and debris will start massive flooding. Volcanic activity will rise all over the world as new vents are opened and or created cause new extreme geological feature from up-thrust and tectonics. The wild fires, which will spread everywhere causing atmospheric changes and breathing problems for those, that manage survive. The solar radiation will increase by fifty percent or more causing instant and increased skin problems and birth deformities. With the fires still raging and plant life withering from the direct radiated rays of light, oxygen will then become a major problem. Our atmosphere failing will cause all life giving properties to fail. The rebirth will come slowly, long after the last human being or animal has passed on. The poles will settle into their normal state again and the properties of the atmosphere will level off and return to normal. New seeds will take hold and new life will begin again creating a new world of hope. We had our time. We are naive to think that this planet is ours. We are just an insignificant carbon life that was created and destroyed by an ongoing process of a planets death and rebirth. Man is mainly the cause for the Earth increasing its step into its next reversal. We have pissed this planet off! With all our destruction, polluting, scarring from the process of building and progress. The Earth will be reborn, new, fresh and free of the destructive instinct of man. You can study the science of it, but the fact remains it is just a natural process and there is no stopping it.

--Scott 2004-07-14 12:21:56 (#10)
Scott: Indeed, save the planet! Kill yourself. (It would be a lovely beginning to the purification you propose.)
--Griz 2005-02-25 04:26:54 (#30)
You see, I told you my prediction are coming a reality. Five months after I made the announcement to you about the pole shift and the major earthquakes and flooding along the Asian shoreline, Indonesia had a major 9.0 earthquake that killed hundreds of thousands. If you still think this is a game go ahead and continue with your daily lives as if nothing has changed. I have since moved to higher ground and away from all major faults. I have an exclusive suvival home built into the rock of the mountains. I have my own generator and working communications systems as well as a sealed air scrubber. I also have an underground aquifer feeding my home with water purification units in place. No pole reversal or even a nuclear war for that matter will effect my future on this beautiful world. Read my warnings, take into consideration that this pole shift change will occur slowly over the next 5 years unless a major solar storm smacks the earth.
--Scott 2007-03-06 14:50:02 (#40)

Regarding impending pole reversal, Scott concludes " is just a natural process and there is no stopping it." I'll agree to that. But, claiming that "...Man is mainly the cause for the Earth increasing its step into its next reversal" is illogical. Which is it? Natural, or controlled by some outside hand that wants to punish " insignificant carbon life..."? Scott's descriptive list of the consequences of role reversal is, for the most part, germaine. What is left for clarification is how long the symptoms will last. Down and dirty (say three days) or slow and ponderous (months to years). Both can be cataclysmic and wipe out most of humanity, but the former at least gives someone a shot. Also, how much time is left for a person or group to make arangements to get an "ark" through the upheaval? A Bill Gates or Paul Allen could set aside some resources "just in case" and make quite a healthy "ark", including needed folks to retain some of the sciences for a quick foundation. Assuming most folks are gone, societies and religions could create their own new philosophies or try to hang on to the old ones (not likely). As for me and mine, we'll enjoy what we have while it lasts and accept our fate. Death brings no fear to me. Been there, done that, while on the operating table.

--Mike 2004-09-03 06:04:57 (#12)

I agree with Scott and Mike, I think PolePole should be shot in the kneecaps then put in a psychiatric hospital for senile however old he/she is, and those who made fun of PolePole are not neccessarily (I spell that right?)brilliant, but have more common sense.

--God (a.k.a Zero) 2004-09-16 23:00:47 (#13)
I would have to say that anyone who can call himself God must have some sort of in-superiority complex which would justify his idiotic reactions to cooking Loblob. The real god put these creatures on earth for that purpose and my thought is that PolePole Would probably do better off in a gay chat room.
--Normal 2007-04-08 15:14:20 (#41)

I agree with Mike and Scott in the sense that both are correct with their general ideas.. Not in the sense that PolePole is crazy and and should be shot in the kneecaps and shoved in a psychiatric hospital. By the way, you have a pet lobster? That floats? I want you to e-mail me, PolePole, so I can know if you were just being a retard, or if your a crazy person. Hopefully you were trying to get laughs.

--Zero (a.k.a God) 2004-09-16 23:05:57 (#14)

LobLob and I were viewing old reruns on Nick at Nite last evening when he again starting acting peculiar. Just as Mr. Ed and Wilbur were wrapping up their conversation, LobLob jumped off the couch and ran to the kitchen. I didn't follow him right away because my arthritis was acting up with the cool weather. I then heard him get on the telephone and he dialed more digits than usual. The next thing I heard was LobLob talking in Latin! I had no idea my lobster was fluent in that language. I've heard him speak in German and Swahili before while on the phone, but this is the first time I've heard Latin. He came back a few minutes later, and just ignored my inquiries into the nature of his conversation. LobLob and I have always been intimate with each other, and I took offense to his silence. So, I mustered the strength to rise from the couch and hit 'redial' on the phone to conduct my own investigation. The line rang, but nobody picked up. I hung up after a few minutes of waiting. All the while, LobLob was just sitting on the couch watching our favorite show. These strange instances are increasing. The magnetics are fluctuating. I fear for my lobster and all other life on this planet.

--PolePole 2004-09-22 16:30:39 (#15)
Lobsters can't talk and they would die if they were out of the water. So don't lie! As a member of PETA I am reporting you for abusing a lobster. Getting intimate with a helpless crustation is considered abuse.
--Killer Chimp 2007-03-06 14:32:39 (#39)

Pole Pole is a retard! If it was me, i would have eaten the freakin lobster. You know, boiling pot of water, melted butter over the top, um um good! well, you got me hungry so, time for some lobster.

--School Preppy 2004-10-07 10:51:51 (#16)

AMEN!!! lobster is mmmm... good!

--jebus 2004-10-07 10:52:05 (#17)

Pole Pole is a retard! If it was me, i would have eaten the freakin lobster. You know, boiling pot of water, melted butter over the top, um um good! well, you got me hungry so, time for some lobster.

--School Preppy 2004-10-07 10:52:26 (#18)

Who would want a freakin lobster for a pet? If i were u I would sell him on ebay or something to get rid of the disaster before he summons some evil lobster maniac thingy or somethin ...........lobsters sould be eaten

--perinoid turkey 2004-10-07 10:53:27 (#19)

can i have fries with that

--perinoid turkey 2004-10-07 10:55:27 (#20)

school preppy has problems pole pole is just expressing his felling like just the other day my dog ate a terd and there was nothing wrong with that.

--perinoid chiken 2004-10-07 11:05:01 (#21)
id have to agree with perinoid chiken. we all have the right to express our feelings any way we want. My story is different the magnetic reversal mad my cow walk in circles around the water traff yesterday. but im fine with whats happening because its given me lots of dead chikens for dinner
--orange juice 2004-10-07 16:48:47 (#22)

u all are mad. like the mad cows of yesterday. the magnetic reversal has happened many times and other the the story of noah and his ark the world has never had a "rebirth" so u people think up your little dudely dos and im going to stick with what my science teacher taught me.

--purple people eaters 2004-10-08 18:58:32 (#23)

the magnetic reversal is nothing but the magnetic poles switching places. The mid atlantic ridges are openings in the oceans crust that is filled with uprising magma from the mantle. Metal pieces in the magma are slitly pulled toward the poles just enough to see a change. when the poles switch the metal is pulled a different way every time new magma rises. this all supports wegners theory of continental drift. Remember this ant youll get an A on your next science test.

--purple people eaters 2004-10-08 19:08:25 (#24)

First of all, polepole is what is termed by internet lingo as a "troll" someone who is trying to evoke a response from others in order to amuse him or herself, best course of action is to ignore such people and all people responding to them. Secondly The magnetic reversal is something that hasn't happened during recorded history, so we have no idea what it will cause. most likely the changes that will occur during this time will be slow not instant. So for the most part people, and animals will have plenty of time to adjust. There is of course a chance of there being large earth quakes and other such disasters, but this should only occur if the poles switch suddenly. Personally I'm going to try not to worry about it, worrying about it won't change what will happen, mearly make your life less enjoyable.

--reason 2005-01-12 02:06:17 (#25)
In fact, the pole reversal can be tracked, and predicted scientifically. You know what creates the magnetic field is the iron magma flow that goes on in the Earth, basically every 26,000 years the poles reverse and it has been getting closer to happening all the time. This occurs when the positively charged part of the magma eventually changes places the the negitive part (on a global scale of corse) Airline pilots routinely have to ajust their super accurate computer compus to compimsate for this suttle and continuous change. Just like as if you were to place a large magnet just close enough to a paperclip so it moves a little, and a little more etc, one micron at a time the paperclip moves closer, and then when it gets close enough it just flies to the magnet. Well scientifically it has been calculated that the poles shall shift on October 25 2012. One thing not mentioned is how the magnetic shift will effect electrical currents; through power lines, in our, electrical applainces, and my biggest concern is to the elecrical connections in the human brain. We all know that elecricity is bound by one fundemental principle: It must have a positive and negitive flow in order to function correctly. In either two forms, Active Current or "AC" as it travels through the power lines accross distances or Direct Current "DC" For shorter distances in an automobile or devices that hold a charge; a cell phone battery, computers etc. I do not know what will happen if anything WHEN (not if) this pccurs in our lifetime. It could be like the Y2K scare or something could accually happen. One is certain, is that this topic is not a part of the main stream media, most likely because they don't really know what will happen either. Would the government tell it's people that civilization will end or completely change as we all know it. I would suppose not as this would deffinately cause massive civil unrest (to put it mildly)
--Bill Nye 2005-03-28 14:10:20 (#34)

I think that these comments are very stupid and hey! Who am I to judge y'all about these comments even though everyone involved in this.

--Tina 2005-02-15 14:53:50 (#26)

To all smart people these comments are crazy,but do your thing holla ghetto1 Tina. Much love.

--Tina 2005-02-15 14:56:46 (#27)

Last night I had another strange experience with LobLob. Once again we were watching Nick at Nite, but this time it was "Wizard of Oz." We were enjoying the evening quite well until we approached the end of the program, when the horse in the wizard's castle turns different colors. Every time the horse changed colors, LobLob also changed colors. The strange thing, though, is that LobLob turned the exact opposite color as the horse. Most curious. At the end of that segment, LobLob returned to his normal hue of red and wrote down a message ("Resolc reve sward lasrever eht rof emit eht"), but I didn't realize what it was at first. I understand it now. Beware my friends, for LobLob has spoken. The time for the reversal draws ever closer.

--PolePole 2005-02-16 13:13:22 (#28)

Dear people. I'm sure not all of you will agree with this note, but we live in a free world .. lol. Unfortunately the magnetic pole reversal is not the biggest problem. This event is not going to come alone. Does anybody know why the Mayan calendar stopped counting after year 2012? No? Wel, after 2012 is going to be a change in the humanity. According to scientifical research (physician W.O.Schumann) the Earth will pass to another dimension. This will have a big influence for the human kind, but doesn't mean we will disappear. If i have awaken your interest in this subject, please consider to take a look on my website: . Thank you.

--Xamolxis 2005-02-26 03:22:02 (#31)

I see no mention of the December 2004 9.0 Earthquake & Tsunami in the Indian Ocean ... Does anyone think this might be the begining or caused by the ongoing polar switch?

--Dcyberman1 2005-02-28 23:23:10 (#32)

I LOVE the PolePole/LobLob diaries! A singular wit in a sea of twits!

--uhh! 2005-03-05 22:37:52 (#33)

For an interesting read that takes a lot of data and pulls it together in a convincing way, check out Ordered the book, Not By Fire But By Ice and it was promptly delivered to Beijing. I have to say that it was quite impressive; easy but scary read.

--Joseph 2005-04-02 23:17:16 (#35)

Pole pole:you are...i havnt decided. you either could be a real interesting person to hang out with or you could be a scicotic (did i spell that right?) serial killer. good luck with Lob Lob. and dont feel bad about how you named him. my little brother once had a toy triceritops named Horny.

--monkeys 2005-05-23 18:03:59 (#36)

I agree with a lot of what everybody says about PolePole. Where the fuck do you come up with this crazy shit? I think you should be shot in the head for thinking that a fuckin' crab could be some kind of crustatous pole reversal nostridomis.......ASSHOLE.

--nunya biznatch 2006-09-11 10:33:16 (#38)