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Dictionary search with wildcards and a word unscrambler.
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Download Now: wordssetup.exe
Version: 2.0
Released: 9/27/2001
Description: Dictionary search with wildcards and a word unscrambler.
Supported Systems: Windows
Cost: free
Download Size: 701KB   (718,094 bytes)
Download Time: 2 minutes, 23 seconds (at 5KB/s)
Number of Downloads: 47124


        Words is a handy utility for searching a dictionary and solving word unscrambling problems.

        Words v2.0 contains two utilities (findword and unscramble) and a dictionary. The dictionary lists words, each on its own line. You can replace this dictionary with a similar file if you so choose. (I've been known to use the Scrabble(tm) Dictionary on occasion.)

        Findword is a utility to search for a word in the dictionary. Typing in a word will search for that word exactly in the dictionary. Using a "*" will match any number of characters and using a "?" will match exactly one character. For example:
tr*ing - all words that begin with "tr" and end with "ing"
?ing - all words that have 1 letter, then "ing"
sp*???ing - all words that start with "sp" have at least 3 letters, then end in "ing"

        Scram is a utility to unscramble words. Simply type the scrambled word in the box and press "unscramble". Wildcards ("*", "?") are not allowed in this entry.
Note: Due to a bug, you will have to use the mouse to click on the "Unscramble" button.

Screen Shots


  • 3/24/2000 - Version 1.0 released.
  • 9/27/2001 - Version 2.0 released.

Known Bugs

  • There's a user interface bug in that pressing enter closes the dialog. I think newer versions of the Windows Properties dialog made this work this way. Either way, clicking on the buttons with the mouse always works.