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Java: Checks to see if Internet sites are online.
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Version: 1.0
Released: 3/22/2000
Description: Java: Checks to see if Internet sites are online.
Supported Systems: Netscape 4.0+
Cost: free
Download Size: 5KB   (4,755 bytes)
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Number of Downloads: 4197


        jAlive was invented so that I could have a quick way to check to see if particular servers were online or not. It has been created so that any number of servers can be checked simply by changing the HTML. The zip file contains the necessary classes and a sample HTML file for use locally.


  • 3/22/2000 - Version 1.0 released.

Known Bugs

  • Java security disallows an applet on the web to connect to remote computers without obtaining a signed certificate. Since I don't have the certificate, you can only use the program locally.
  • The screen does redraw a little funny as it is loading images and displaying them.
  • Netscape asks a security question to connect to other computers, Internet explorer doesn't allow it to run unless the security settings are changed.