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The colored DOS directory listing guy.
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Version: 6.0Beta
Released: 6/9/1997
Description: The colored DOS directory listing guy.
Supported Systems: DOS
Cost: free
Download Size: 30KB   (30,570 bytes)
Download Time: 6.1 seconds (at 5KB/s)
Number of Downloads: 4009


        D (as seen by the 6.0) has been around awhile. This is the latest and greatest, though I don't seem to be doing DOS much anymore.

Screen Shots


  • 6/9/97 - Version 6.0Beta released, because it works well enough for somebody to use.
  • ~5/1/95 - Version 5.0 was released. Customizable colors, but a little slow and limited.
  • ~3/29/95 - Version 4.1 released. Fast, direct screen writes, and C command line parameters.
  • ~11/29/94 - Version 4.0. First version in solely C, a complete rewrite of any previous versions, but used ANSI.SYS for output.
  • ~2/6/94 - 3.1... in QBasic... wow.
  • ~12/10/93 - Version 3.0, a very short-lived QB version.
  • ~8/16/93 - Version 2.1, a few new colors and a speed fix on top of 2.
  • ~8/11/93 - Version 2.0, speed increase, color modifications, and no clue how to label version numbers.
  • ~6/27/93 - Version 1.0, QBasic, used "dir > file.d" to get files, worked extremely slow, but hey, I was programming.

Known Bugs

  • Many options are not available in the Beta.