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My own custom UI for Age of Mythology: The Titans.
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Pete's User Interface Modification:

Click here to download Pete's AOMx Configuration and User Interface.

Readme from

--      Pete's Age of Mythology Configuration and User Interface v3.0       --

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![ Notice ]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!! This interface is for use on and has only been tested with Age of        !!
!! Mythology WITH THE TITANS EXPANSION.  I make no guarantees as to what it !!
!! might do on a "vanilla" Age of Mythology install.                        !!

-------------------------------=[ Installing ]=-------------------------------

The files in the directories correspond with the directories in your main "Age
of Mythology" executable folder.  Usually this is found in
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology".  So, the files in the
"data" directory of this zip file would go into the "data" directory of the
"Age of Mythology" folder.  If this is too complicated for you to do, you may
want to consider not using this interface.

----------------------------=[ What is it for? ]=-----------------------------

The purpose of these files was originally so that I could play a smoother game
of AOM than the standard interface allows.  I started playing with things by
looking at MicroSlave's (thanks ms!) original villie stats mod, and went from
there.  Before I knew it, MicroSlave had already completely redone the
interface himself, and posted it for others.  I took a quick look at it, and
incorporated a few neat ideas that he had in there (thanks again).  A few
people I know liked it, so I decided to release it upon the world.  In many
ways, I'm sure his interface is better than mine, though mine tries to stick
to a more "standard" feel, so that there is less adjustment when going from
the original interface to my own.  I'm not releasing mine as competition, but
just offering other options.  I like my own interface, you may like it too.

---------------------------------=[ Files ]=----------------------------------

[  \!PeteUI_Readme.txt  ]

You're reading this now, so I'd assume you know what it's for.

[  \data\uimain.xml  ]
[  \data\uimain.xmb  ]

This file contains all of the changes for the main game interface (the one
that you see while you are playing the game).  Changes include:
-Most "pretty" user interface elements removed for a clean interface.
-God power buttons moved up and more out of the way.
-Titan gate icon put next to the god power buttons so you won't
 accidentally hit it.
-Game menu buttons moved up a little.
-Time moved to just under the game menu buttons to be more out of the way.
-Age progress bar moved to behind the time, again out of the way.
-Resources have a "/" followed by the number of villagers gathering from that

[  \data\uipregamenew.xml  ]
[  \data\uipregamenew.xmb  ]

This file controls the main menu interface to the game, I just changed it to
have buttons on the main screen for the things that I do most: single player
random map, ESO, and LAN games.  Just a few less clicks when I want to play a
quick game (or test my ui changes).

[  \data\uimpsetupfinal.xml  ]
[  \data\uimpsetupfinal.xmb  ]

This file controls the interface to ESO and other multiplayer games.  It
allows you to chat while searching or starting a multiplayer game.

[  \data\uistrategicmap.xml  ]
[  \data\uistrategicmap.xmb  ]

This file controls the strategic map interface.  It's been made slightly
larger and moved to the left.

[  \startup\user.cfg  ]

The only thing in this file is a line so that the introductory cinematics do
not play.  Again, just to make the game start up a little faster.

[  \startup\backup.gamex.con  ]
[  \startup\gamex.con  ]
[  \startup\user.con  ]

These contain all of the shortcut keys that I use.  I would recommend
reading the user.con file yourself to see all of the keys.  If the keys do
not meet your needs, you will need to delete user.con, and rename
backup.gamex.con to gamex.con to return to AOM's original settings.

[  \textures\icons\command repeat off icon.ddt       ]
[  \textures\icons\command repeat on icon.ddt        ]
[  \textures\icons\command repeat rollover icon.ddt  ]

These files change the graphic for the "Auto-Queue" command button.  When
active, the button glows green, when inactive, the button is a dark grey.
When the mouse passes over it, the button glows red.  With these files
installed, I feel that it's much easier to tell at a quick glance whether or
not auto-queue is turned on for a building.

[  xpacklanguage.dll  ]

This file changes the tooltips to show much more detailed information.  These
tooltips were pioneered by Xentelian (distributed with permission) and you can
find the latest updates for them at:
From his page, the description is as follows:
"This install shows specifics for the rollover help unit/tech
bonuses/penalties, non-average track ratings, fishing ship gather rates,
maximum units/buildings, healing rates, myth unit special attack recharge
time, Set animal conversion time, unit/building line of sight, unit training
times, tech research times, building build points (in some cases, exact build
times) and even god powers are more descriptive. The annoying messages showing
that a unit is built have been removed. Make sure you have rollover help
turned on in game options."

---------------=[ Screenshots, Updates, Information, Contact ]=---------------

All screenshots and updates to this interface will be stored on:
Visit there if you have any questions or comments.  I get notified when
comments are posted and will read them shortly.  If you need to contact me
privately, there is a link at the bottom of the above page to send me an
email.  I am also (rarely, but sometimes) found on ESO under the name

--------------------------=[ Making Modifications ]=--------------------------

In most cases, I've left files as ".xml" files so that you can play with them
yourself.  Many include comments like "PV ADDED" or "PV MOD" with the original
line commented out so that you can see exactly what I have changed.  If you
come up with a great idea, feel free to send it back to me and maybe I'll
include it with the next release of my interface.  Just modifying the XML file
in the data directory will cause the XMB file to automatically be updated by
Age of Mythology.

--------------------------------=[ History ]=---------------------------------

[  Version 3.0  ]
-3.0 should be a big upgrade, but I ran out of 2.x numbers, and don't like
 "2.10", I think that's confusing...  So anyway, updated Xentelian's tooltips
 to version "March 11, 2005".

[  Version 2.9  ]
-Fixed normal startup script for non-Set Egyptians.
-Fixed mercanary hotkey.

[  Version 2.8  ]
-Changed startup scripts again...  The "Run Script" dialog can now be opened
 by either the "S" button in the lower right, or by pressing "Ctrl-Alt-S".
 As an added bonus, I've added a "Dwarf Build Startup" script for an all-dwarf

[  Version 2.7  ]
-Updated Xentelian's tooltips to version 1.03y.
-The startup script is now only activated by clicking the "A" and "S" buttons
 in the lower right.  "A" for Atlanteans, "S" for standard.  If you don't want
 a startup script, don't click the buttons.  The Atlantean one has been
 modified to show manors instead of houses in the population text line.

[  Version 2.6  ]
-Added uimpsetupfinal.* for better ESO controls.  It's not quite perfect, and
 I've left room so that I can add things later.  But it is an improvement over
 the old one.

[  Version 2.5  ]
-Added uistrategicmap.* for a slightly modified strategic map.  It's slightly
 larger and moved to the left.

[  Version 2.4  ]
-Slight change to the text at the top of uimain.xml for instructions on how to
 disable the startup script.  It's been tested and should actually work now.

[  Version 2.3  ]
-Took a few hints from Ekanta's UI to add the following (Thanks Ekanta!):
  -Number of houses, located with population.
  -Idle banners for: villagers, fishing ships, trade caravans, military units,
   and heroes, each with a count of how many are actually idle.  Also made the
   villagers one slightly bigger, as it's most important.
  -Slightly shrunk army hotkey number groupings.

[  Version 2.2  ]
-Added "Alt-Z" as flare hotkey.
-Changed startup script so I get slightly less confused on hotkeys.
-Updated Xentelian's tooltips to version 1.03x.

[  Version 2.1  ]
-Changed startup script to be more Set-friendly.

[  Version 2.0  ]
-Added Xentelian's tooltips, v1.03u.

[  Version 1.9  ]
-Bugfix for numpad Egyptian lumber hotkey.

[  Version 1.8  ]
-Added some new hotkeys, changed some others.
-Changed the startup script to hotkey the pharaoh and select the villagers.

[  Version 1.7  ]
-Added the multiplayer chat ability.

[  Version 1.6  ]
-Fixed it so that the "a" hotkey again allows Norse to attack-move.

[  Version 1.5  ]
-Changed startup script to (again) make the first scout hotkey 1, and the
 town center hotkey 9.

[  Version 1.4  ]
-Minor hotkey changes.

[  Version 1.3  ]
-Added the "Recorded Games" button to the main screen.  Handy.
-Added a whole bunch of hotkeys.  Read the "user.con" file for details.

[  Version 1.2  ]
-Included XMBs in release to fix some clients not being able to use the UI.

[  Version 1.1  ]
-First public release
-Added back the recharge bar that shows a unit's special ability recharge.
-Moved some hidden panels around to allow you to select units near the
 borders of the screen.

[  Version 1.0  ]
-Initial testing release used just by a few friends.

---------------------------------=[ Thanks ]=---------------------------------

A few notes of thanks:
-Thanks MicroSlave, your interface has great ideas in it.  Keep it up.  And
 feel free to browse through mine if there's anything worthwhile in there.
-Thanks ES.  Data-driven engines rock.  Whoever decided that that was the
 model to follow for AOM gets a gold star from another programmer.

--------------------------------=[ Warranty ]=--------------------------------

No warranty of any kind, express or implied, is intended for any part of this
package.  There are no guarantees.  If you happen to screw up your Age of
Mythology due to trying to install this package, it is your own fault.

Screenshots from Version 1.1:

This shows the main menu with the extra buttons.

This shows what the progress bar in the upper right looks like. You can also see the redone auto-queue button that is clearer.

Recharge bar.

The small, relocated Titan button.

Screenshots from Version 2.6:

The main UI.

The interface to ESO.

How ESO looks while you're searching for a game.

How the screen looks while launching an advanced setup/LAN game.

Additional Files That I Use:

Xentelian's Tools - Tooltips for a nice guide to unit stats while you're in the game, detailed stats in Excel, hotkeys, and other game mods.
Ekanta's User Interface - If you're looking for a different user interface, based off of my own, check out Ekanta's.