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ESO Status PHP Script:

ESO Status PHP Script v1.2 - This script lets you show ESO Status on your web page. New in this version is a block that will let you cache the data so that the web server isn't hit as hard. Included is a standalone PHP module that can be added to a page as well as an easy-to-install PHP Nuke block that you can add to your PHP Nuke page. Click here for an example of what this script can show. This script is utilized on the Age Community website.

How caching is faster: Basically, when one person requests the ESO status, it stores that information in the database. If someone re-requests the information, the information is pulled from the database instead of slowly re-querying the ESO server. If the information in the database is older than 5 minutes, the php file will re-request the status and store the new information over top of the old info in the database.
On my test server, I went from a 2.3 second page load time to a 0.077 second page load time. Huge improvement. Granted, every 5 minutes, just one user will have to wait for a 2.3 second page load... but they'll deal with that. :)


AOMRecordedRenamer v1.3 - AOMRecordedRenamer allows you to rename your Age of Mythology : Titans RCX recorded game files with ease. You can select from many different options of data retrieved from the recorded game to insert as text in the renamed file.

For downloads, more information, and documentation visit: AOMRecordedRenamer.

Note: You will need the .NET framework v1.1 installed for this to work. You can find the framework at either Windows Update or from

Map downloads that I have modified/created:

North America Map for AOMx - A quick update to TwentyOneScore's original North America map to let it work with the Titans expansion.
Myth Unit Oasis v1.3 - The Oasis map, but modified so that only myth units can do damage. If normal map size is selected, myth units also cost no favor. Large map size changes it so that myth units cost their normal favor.
Empires: Unknown v1.0 - The "Land Unknown" map, but without myth units, titans, god powers, or sky passages so that it plays a little more like Age of Empires. Also, all relics are gold-producing relics. Use a large map to allow houses to provide double their normal population.
Desert Nomad v1.0 - The "Nomad" map, but without water around the edges and better balanced to actually be playable without Atlantean domination.

Pete's User Interface Modification:

Click here to go to Pete's AOMx Configuration and User Interface homepage.

Additional Files That I Use:

Xentelian's Enhanced Tooltips - A nice quick guide to unit stats while you're in the game.