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Statistics from a week of testing on ESO.
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One evening a group of friends got together to play some 3v3 rated on ESO. Now, we're not very good, but we were coordinated, and might have had a chance. Might have, because we tried a few times to wait for a game, and nothing showed up. Being determined as I am, I decided to find out the best time of day for us to play a 3v3.

Lucky for me, ESO publishes the last 500 games played with game time, number of players, and map. Unfortunately, rating information isn't included, but we'll take what we can get. So, I setup my server to grab and parse the last 500 games at 20 minute intervals, store them off in a database, and run for a little over a week. As Labor Day was included in my original data and I wanted more "normal" data, I ended up running it for about 2 weeks and had info on 64,144 games totalling about 7MB. I took a week's worth and made some graphs of it.

So, enough babble, here's what I found out:

Players by what hour they play (showing EST). Separated by 2 player (1v1), 4 player (2v2), and 6 player (3v3) games. Surprising peak in mid-afternoon. European players in the evening maybe?

Players by day of the week. Weekends are busier as expected, but there's still a good number of weekday games.

Games by random map. I guess they're not quite evenly distributed... or at least the data this week looks that way. Note that the graph does not start at zero, so the unevenness is exaggerated.

Download Data:

Download original Excel Data - If you're interested in the data that made the graphs, here it is.