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Basic Idea:

This tourney is an opportunity for the noob players at AoTS to take on some of their favorite experts.

Basic Format:

The tourney is a series of games where 2 noob teams play against an AoTS expert.

Round 1:

The first round is a world cup style round were the field of competitors are divided into four groups. Each group will have two 2-player teams and two experts. During the first round each noob team will play each expert in their group. Each victory during the first round is worth 1 pt. At the end of the first round, the point totals of each team/member in the group will be tallied, and the two with the highest total will be selected to advance to the second round.

*UPDATED* The first round will officially take place from May 21st to June 5th. All experts and noob teams will schedule and complete their matches before June 5th.

*UPDATED* vK_Trampion will replace Vagabond_Ourk due to time constraints.

The Noobs

The Experts

Group One

Team A

LesFleaux and FoH_Rampage


Team F

SamFive and takeover (takeover__ on ESO)


Group Two

Team B

GTS_Inu797 (im4_nicole on ESO) and Ubersnatch


Team H

BrianJ and PeteVasi


Group Three

Team C

Cthulhu (Bozo_Bazooka on ESO) and homestar44 (noob4_tonight on ESO)


Team G

Grave (Unigrave on ESO) and Jello Jiggler (Pls_dont_hurt_me on ESO)


Group Four

Team D

SG_Belthazor and TOAO_NinJa

Xzanthor (MfG_Xzanthor on ESO)

Team E

Bonneto and Surcouf69

Insanity (MAD_Ramses on ESO)

Round 2

If there is a tie in the number of points for the second position, the second spot will go to a noob team if an expert has qualified for the first spot. If the first position has gone to a noob team then an expert will be awarded the second spot.

In the event of a four way tie with each team/member of the group earning 1 pt. The two experts will play each other 1v1 and the two noob teams will play each other in a 2v2 to decide who advances.

All rounds beginning with the second round will be single elimination, with all remaining noob teams being paired against experts from other groups.

If all noob/1600 teams are eliminated, the games in subsequent rounds will have an unusual format (for example, expert vs a team of two to four noobs vs expert in a free for all).

The second round will begin June 4th, with a new round occurring each week after.

The tournament is scheduled to last five rounds with a variety of prizes being awarded at the end of the tourney.


*UPDATED* The expert will choose an easy computer on standard mode and can choose the civ of their dumb friend at the same time they choose the map.

All god choices and paths are open to the 1600 players, except Baldr. If a noob player chooses to play Isis with Bast and Nepthys, they can't use the Ancestors and Eclipse god powers at the same time.

There are no titans or wonders for the 1600's. *UPDATED* There are no exceptions to this rule.

The expert can use titans, wonders and any god paths they like (for example, build a titan then go with ragnarok and flaming weapons).

There will be no hunt delete allowed for anyone in this tourney.

The 1600 players are forbidden to "rush" the expert's town until after the 6-minute mark. This means that the 1600s cannot attack or use god powers on the expert's towers or anything within the expert's town center firing range until after 6 minutes. The 6-minute grace period does not extend to hunters, priests, pharaoh, scouts, oracles, dock building ulfsarks or villagers, or any other unit outside of the town center firing range. If the expert attacks any 1600 player's unit within town center range or any 1600's tower before the 6-minute mark, then the 1600's are allowed to attack the expert when ever and where ever they wish.

The experts can rush anywhere and at anytime that they choose.

Before each game, the game setup will happen in this order: First the expert will choose a map from any of the rated game map types. Second the 1600 players will choose their civs, and then the expert will choose their civ.

All of the 1600 players will play the games on the eso nicknames that they used to register for the tournament.

In the event of an OOS or a dropped player, another game will be started. If the situation occurs again, the tournament committee will decide who won or lost the match.

Failure to show up within 30 minutes of the agreed time for the match will result in a forfeit. There will be a list of alternates available for the tournament so a single noob player can still compete if their partner fails to show up.


1st Prize- $50 US if an expert wins or 4 hours of training from the experts in the tourney plus a medal banner for their AoTS account if a noob team wins.

2nd Prize- Choice between an Mp3 player, the World of Warcraft game or Battlefield Vietnam game, or a super secret prize (noob teams can choose two).

3rd Prize- Choice between the remaining prizes (noob teams can choose two).

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